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R-Series for Cut Salad

The R-700 for Cut Salad is a vertical form fill & seal packaging machine which produces four types of closed packets from a roll of heat-sealable material. The perfect combination of hardware and software has produced a series of innovative solutions, which ensure that the R-700 is one of the best packaging machines ever.


  • High degree of flexibility: just a few minutes to change the format. Extreme versatility enables a range of different types of packaging to be produced.
  • High productivity: up to 60 packages/min. with resistant, uniform, well-proportioned seals.
  • Ermetic Box structure: the structure in the form of a case and construction materials used (AISI 304 and anticorodal aluminium) guarantee protection of the mechanical and electronic components from the external environment. Moreover, cleaning operations are simple and quick.
  • Man-machine interface through an LCD colour touch screen panel. Extremely simple and easy to follow software programming.
  • Intermittent sealing system using special alloy crimpers.
  • System for pulling film which uses a highly-adherent motorised roller.

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